Forest Edge Meats Recipes

  • Meat money saving tips

    The cost-of-living crisis is impacting across the board. Meat prices from our suppliers are rising at unprecedented rates. We continuously review our pricing to ensure we’re as competitive as possible whilst still offering you the highest quality meat products.
  • Hot Gammon in more ways than one…

    There are so many inventive ways to cook Gammon. Some people prefer to simply boil the joint while others like to boil for half the time before roasting. And there are endless glazes, rubs, and stocks, allowing you to cook up your own creation.

  • Perfect pulled pork

    Serve your pulled pork in a bun, or why not experiment? Try using pitta bread, taco shells, wraps or a hunk of baguette.

  • Leftovers with a difference

    The traditional Philly cheesesteak has its roots in Philadelphia, USA and, as such, is commonly covered in American cheese, but you can experiment with your favourite cheese. Why not try stilton, as we all know how well steak and stilton go together… or pick your cheese of choice and let us know what works.

  • Smashing Burgers!

    ‘Smashing’ burgers is a controversial technique as it involves smashing the burger shortly after it’s hit the hot pan, so forming a delicious crust whilst maintaining a juicy inside. This is known as the ‘Maillard reaction’ where a crust is formed without overcooking the meat inside.

  • The not-so-humble chicken dinner

    Here Dan’s roasted a Forest Edge Meats free range chicken with rosemary and thyme. He’s accompanied his chicken with pork and apricot stuffing balls, a chipolata ‘pig in blanket’, seasonal veggies, cranberry sauce and his delicious homemade gravy – not bad for a Wednesday!!!

  • Beef roast on the BBQ

    Roasting a chunk of Topside on the BBQ is Big Al’s idea of a great Sunday.

     Not content with simply slamming meat onto the BBQ grill, Al finds ‘rubs’ to add to his joints and cooks indirectly over a 60C flame.

  • Alex isn’t winging it!

    This time Alex (aka Big Al’s Garden Kitchen) has taken a batch of Forest Edge Meats generously sized chicken wings and created a hit.
  • Meatballs with a difference

    Spaghetti & Meatballs have been taken to another level by Alex (aka Big Al’s Garden Kitchen). Here he’s minced leftover beef from a joint cooked earlier in the week. Having made the meatballs, he’s then put them into his Smoker with some oak...

  • More amazing chicken thighs from Big Al!

    Alex (aka Big Al’s Garden Kitchen) has been at it again - taking the humble chicken thigh and transporting us to the Middle East with his version of Chicken Shawarma.
  • Never has the chicken thigh been less humble

    Alex (aka Big Al’s Garden Kitchen) takes the simplest cuts of meat and turns them into works of culinary art.