The not-so-humble chicken dinner

Dan (aka Dan the Cook) takes even a mid-week roast extremely seriously (and we fully support his commitment).


Here Dan’s roasted a Forest Edge Meats free range chicken with rosemary and thyme. He’s accompanied his chicken with pork and apricot stuffing balls, a chipolata ‘pig in blanket’, seasonal veggies, cranberry sauce and his delicious homemade gravy – not bad for a Wednesday!!!


Our free range chickens are supplied by Soanes Poultry who have been rearing birds since 1947. Chickens enjoy a large area of lush pasture in which to roam and forage. This allows them to supplement their cereal-based diet with grubs and bugs that they find in the grassland. The result of this welfare-rich life is award winning, firm-textured, tasty and succulent chicken that tastes like chicken used to.

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