Smashing Burgers!

Making burgers with a difference is another one of Big Al’s specialities – he brings new meaning to the expression Meat Feast!


‘Smashing’ burgers is a controversial technique as it involves smashing the burger shortly after it’s hit the hot pan, so forming a delicious crust whilst maintaining a juicy inside. This is known as the ‘Maillard reaction’ where a crust is formed without overcooking the meat inside.


Alex’s burgers consist of two thirds beef mince and one third pork mince – the fat content of this mixture delivers almost zero chance of the meat drying out during cooking. Meat is seasoned with salt and pepper and you may also like to experiment by adding some BBQ rub.


Take 80-90g of the mince mixture and roll into a ball. To cook, use a heavy based pan such as a flat griddle pan. Heat the pan on high before adding a ball of the meat mixture and quickly using something heavy and flat to ‘smash’ the burger flat. Cook each side to your liking, melt on your favourite cheese then build your burger using deli meats of your choice.


Want to save time in the future? Why not double up on mixture, freezing half for another occasion – you may also wish to use the second batch as meatballs, serving with a tomato sauce and spaghetti.


Order your beef and pork mince to create your own Smashed Burgers!

Smash Burg

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