Meat money saving tips

The cost-of-living crisis is impacting across the board. Meat prices from our suppliers are rising at unprecedented rates. We continuously review our pricing to ensure we’re as competitive as possible whilst still offering you the highest quality meat products.

We fully appreciate that everyone is trying to save money wherever possible so have put together our six top tips for money saving with meat:

1. Bulk out your casseroles. From beef stew to bolognaise try adding plenty of veg and carbs. Not only will your meals be filling, delicious and healthy, but the meat will also go further.
2. Batch cook. By cooking more than you need and freezing portions you’ll be saving on the energy costs used in the cooking process.
3. Use up your leftovers. Make sure that nothing goes to waste. If you’ve cooked a roast chicken, why not use the carcass as the basis for making a tasty soup.
4. Consider different cuts of meat. As we all understand, certain cuts are more economical than others. If you haven’t tried a cut before, give it a go. You may need to cook the cut for longer and slower, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.
5. Buy now and freeze. Meat prices are escalating at dramatic rates. Take advantage of current pricing and then save the meat for a later date.
6. Change portion sizes. Dish up less meat and add more veg and carbs to a plate. You may even find that you have enough for another meal later in the week.

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