Never has the chicken thigh been less humble

Alex (aka Big Al’s Garden Kitchen) takes the simplest cuts of meat and turns them into works of culinary art.

This time he’s taken our boneless, skinless chicken thighs and transformed them into scrumptious barbequed morsels, fit not just for the picnic table, but the dining table.

 Typically, Alex was not content with cooking one recipe, but instead cooked his chicken thighs two ways.

 Batch one was coated in ‘Glazed and Confused’ from Angus& Oink; according to Alex, this sauce is next level. The second batch were dusted with Alex’s homemade grill rub.

 Thighs were then “Chucked on the grill with some corn and peppers”. Alex glazed the coated thighs 3 or 4 times during the cook to give them their deep red colour .

Chicken and Corn on the BBQ

 Alex confesses to have never cooked thighs by themselves before but is now certain that he’ll be doing it again.

Forest Edge Meats chicken thighs are sourced from 'Red tractor' Assured Food Standard suppliers that know how to produce great chicken that is naturally moist, very lean and really tastes like chicken should do.

Order your chicken thighs here and let us know your preferred recipe.

Chicken Thighs and Beer

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