Perfect pulled pork

Big Al likes to use his BBQ in all weathers, so was happy to slow cook his pork shoulder joint with some charcoal and apple wood.


Rubbing the pork in a little BBQ spice rub enhanced the flavour and gave a phenomenal taste.


Don’t fancy getting the BBQ out in mid-winter?


How about using a slow cooker or oven cook in a casserole dish? You’ll need to add fluid, such as cider or bbq sauce (or both), and ideally some other spices to enhance the flavour. There are a host of recipes available online to suit every palate, so choose one that appeals.


How ever you choose to cook your pulled pork, long and slow is the key – meat should be easy to shred using a couple of forks.


Serve your pulled pork in a bun, or why not experiment? Try using pitta bread, taco shells, wraps or a hunk of baguette.

Pulled Pork

Pulled pork segment

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