Beef roast on the BBQ

Roasting a chunk of Topside on the BBQ is Big Al’s idea of a great Sunday.


Not content with simply slamming meat onto the BBQ grill, Al finds ‘rubs’ to add to his joints and cooks indirectly over a 60C flame.


If you haven’t used a rub before, you can purchase readymade rubs, or make one up yourself – there are host of recipes to be found online. Rubs consist of a combination of seasoning and flavouring ingredients and are ideal for low-heat barbequing.


For those not familiar with ‘indirect’ BBQ cooking, it simply means ensuring that your joint is not directly over the flame. You’ll need to arrange your coals so that there is a flame-free area within the BBQ. To achieve this you could put coals on one side only, or add a foil tray in the middle of the BBQ base and add coals around the sides.


For this particular roast Al served potatoes, parsnips and carrots cooked in honey, mustard and garlic, alongside a rosemary jelly – YUMMY!

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