Leftovers with a difference

Leftover beef looks a whole lot different when put in the capable hands of Alex, otherwise known as Big Al .


Here Alex has used remaining beef to create his take on a Philly cheesesteak. Traditionally sandwich-based, Big Al has replaced bread with Yorkshire puds - delicious! Piling sliced beef on top of fried onions, he’s then melted cheese on top to create a gooey treat.


The traditional Philly cheesesteak has its roots in Philadelphia, USA and, as such, is commonly covered in American cheese, but you can experiment with your favourite cheese. Why not try stilton, as we all know how well steak and stilton go together… or pick your cheese of choice and let us know what works.


Alongside onions, you may also add some fried peppers, mushrooms. Or how about swapping out the beef with chicken?


Al shows us how straightforward it is to use our leftovers imaginatively, creating a second meal that’s equally as delicious as the first whilst also being completely different.


We’d love to hear about your leftover creations – do send us your recipes and photos.


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