Butcher’s Tips For a Perfect Barbecue


We've had some great BBQ tips from our butchers, read more below to find out!


Tip 1: Don’t barbecue meat straight from the fridge


This is the classic barbecuing mistake and is really just common sense - cooking anything that’s cold will mean it’ll take longer to heat up. With the intense direct heat of a barbecue causing more problems than conventional cooking, using meat straight from the fridge can result in meat being overcooked(also known as burnt!) on the outside whilst still cold and uncooked on the inside.

The solution: Take your meat out of the fridge at least half an hour before cooking(make sure its kept covered).


Tip 2: Soak your wooden skewers


For serious barbecue aficionados homemade kebabs are a must.  However, when caught up in the excitement of a sunny day barbecue it’s easy to forget an important fact:  wood burns…….usually in less time than it takes for food to cook.

The solution: Soak your wooden kebab sticks overnight.  Warning:  this does require you to be organised!


Tip 3: Don’t poke your meat


To be honest, there’s nothing actually wrong with prodding to test your barbecued meat, but, unless you’re a professional who’s doing it everyday, by the time you’ve pierced it half a dozen times - to check it’s cooked through - you’ll have let out many of the succulent juices that add to the flavour.

The solution: Invest in a chef’s digital probe thermometer.  They’re not expensive - try catering suppliers such as Nisbet’s - and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.  A quick probe into the thickest part can guarantee your food is cooked perfectly every time.  As a guide 75°C – 80°C for well done, 60°C for medium and around 52°C for rare.



Tip 4: Always let your meat rest after cooking


It’s not just you that likes to chill out when having a barbecue – your meat does too.   Serving too quickly, straight from the grill, will rob it of its chance to relax, during which time it would take on its juices and become more tender.

The solution:  Simply place your cooked meat on a plate or platter(under foil will retain the temperature) and don’t tell anybody about it.  Wait for around 5 minutes and then serve - if you’re worried about it going cold you can flash grill it for a few seconds on each side before serving.